Collaborative Painting with artist Jyoti Singh


Painting details – Oil on canvas, size-24″24″ inch, inspired by a pic…
Concept description – प्रकृति से ऊपर कुछ नहीं! प्रकृति (मदर नेचर) स्वयं में एक सच है, प्रकृति पूरक है, पालक है और संहारक भी है। आज जो घटक इतना बड़ा दिख रहा है, कल प्रकृति उसे स्वयं में समा लेगी और घटक का अपना अस्तित्व लोप हो जाएगा।

New Collaborative painting (Artist Jyoti Singh)


New Collaborative painting with artist Jyoti Singh.


Couple of previous collaborative paintings (with Jyoti) featured in The Hindu Newspaper event update.

Republic Day Special Painting

कलाकार ज्योति सिंह जी के साथ कभी-कभी कुछ विचार, दृश्य साझा कर लेता हूँ, जिनपर वो कलाकृतियां बनाती हैं। इस बार उन्होंने कैनवास पर यह भाव उतारे हैं।
                                                       Jyoti Singh with Mohit Sharma
“Happy republic day…. (Size: 24″-24″, Medium: Acrylic on canvas, Description: es painting mey maa bird mother India ki prateek hai jo har tarah ki paristhiti mey apne bachcho ki raksha karti hai aur apni chaanv mey unhe aasra deti hai. Yahan aakash mey ek saath har tarah k visham mausam tez dhoop, baarish, bijli dikhaye gaye hain.) Concept by our writer friend Mohit Sharma ji”

इंसानी परी – Peripheral Angel Comic (Freelance Talents)


Tribute Comic 

This short biographical Hindi comic is based on the true life story of Neerja Bhanot (7 September, 1963-5 September, 1986), a flight purser with Pan Am Airlines. She worked as a model, and later as a flight purser, but her private life was far from glamorous. She had an early arranged marriage, which was marred by spousal abuse with frequent demands for dowry and even forced starvation. Fed up with the constant mental and physical abuse, she left her husband. Later on, she applied for a job as flight purser at Pan Am. She got selected, trained, and took the job.

On 5 Sep, 1986, the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 73, on which she was on board staff, was hijacked by terrorists affiliated with Abu Nidal Organisation, in Karachi, where it landed. The terrorists asked the flight staff to collect the passports of the passengers on board so that they could identify the Americans whom they intended to kill. Neerja managed to hide the passports of 41 Americans on board, and thus saved their lives. A few hours later, when the terrorists got tired with the whole operation, they decided to kill everyone on the plane. Neerja succeeded in slipping off a few passengers and the pilots through the emergency exit, while she herself died of bullet wounds whilst trying to save some children. She deliberately chose not to escape, even when she had her chance, just so that she could save others. She was only 22 when she died. She received India’s highest civilian gallantry award, Ashok Chakra, Tamgha -eInsaniyat, from Pakistan and Special Courage Award (United States Department of Justice) posthumously. Her murderers were captured and sentenced, some of whom succeeded in escaping.

This comic does not focus on the aftermath of her death in the hijacking event. It only tries to depict the inspirational story of Neerja as a graphic narrative, in particular her struggles, and the events which happened during the hijacking incident.

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Illustrator – Tadam Gyadu (PencilDude) Author – Mohit Sharma (Trendster) Colorist – Harendra Saini Cover Colorist – Dheeraj Dkboss Kumar Calligrapher – Youdhveer Singh

Painting – “Roots”

Namastey! These days I am sharing some ideas with talented artist friend Jyoti Singh. She wants to create dozens of watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings for exhibitions,  art lovers before the first quarter of 2017. So, I am giving her inputs, visuals on a regular basis. I am loving this brainstorming exercise. This (Watercolor-A3) is one of the paintings based on my ideas. Title – Roots
What inferences did you make from this….
Peripheral Angel Painting