Special collaborative painting


Collaborative painting with artist Jyoti Singh
Title – Megha
Medium – Oil on canvas
Size – 24″24″ inch
Gift for my fiancee…Megha 🙂

Acid Attack Painting with Artist Jyoti Singh


Painting Theme: Acid Attack with Artist Jyoti Singh, 30×30 inch, Oil on Canvas. #concept #art #painting #brainstorming #acidattacks #canvas #oilpainting

Old Concept Character : Rumor Man (Afwah Man) – अफवाह मैन


Originally Posted on mohitness (blogspot), 2008

Character : Rumor Man (Afwah Man) – अफवाह मैन

Genre – Comedy-Adventure

Narad, a young man who leaves his poor nomadic “Behroopiya” tribe neglected by Government and public. His mission is to loot government, public all over India and cause as much damage-loss to the public property as he can. Behroopiya Tribe entertains people with stunts, games & changing their appearances and enacting celebrities, general characters. They also sell their handicrafts.

He learnt various types of Indian Martial Arts like Inbuan Wrestling (Mizoram), Malakhra Wrestling, Silambam (Tamil Nadu), a weapon-based style which focuses on the bamboo staff, during his childhood……a result of continuous tours of his tribe in different Indian states Proficient in over 20 languages including foreign languages like Portuguese, Spanish, French (as he visited their former colonies in India….in Goa, Pondicherry, Lakshyadweep regions) He is also an expert makeup artist-beautician & athlete (these skills help him dodging police and public). He is still a wanderer & finds it hard to stay at one place for more than a week.

Narad spreads rumors on public places exploiting the average IQ of general masses. He can be a bank clerk or a fire fighter, a head priest of imaginary Jyotirlingum, Bhojpuri Movie Superstar, paranoid foreign tourist from Mexico…..and so on.

Well built muscular body, Height – 6 feet, permanent diagonal scar on face, with a backpack, bamboo stick, Cuban Cigar in his mouth and Rajasthani turban.

– Mohit Trendster