ज़हनजोरी (कहानी संग्रह) – Zahanjori Back Cover

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Zahanjori is now available worldwide. Grab your own copy now. In India, it is available in Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel and many other online retailers.

Book – ज़हनजोरी (Zahanjori) [ISBN: 9781618133922] #update


Namastey! 🙂 I am happy to inform you about my new book (story collection) ज़हनजोरी (Zahanjori). It’s preorder is now available on BooksCamel. Follow this link: www.bookscamel.com/preorders/zahanjori

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53 stories and poems, Paperback: 152 pages, Hindi

ISBN: 9781618133922

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B.L. Marandi….


B.L. Marandi….

– Mohit Sharma (Trendy Baba)


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