NWCP Championship and ICF Awards 2016 Winner


*) – Thrilled to have won the inaugural ‘War of Kalam’ contest by New World Comics Publication – NWCP….I was impressed with the talent of the young writers and their hunger for genres like horror, comedy, adventure, superheroes and crime fiction.Congratulations to finalists Abhishek, Fahad and Himanshu. Special Mention – Ankur, Rishav and Rajneesh.

Performance Breakdown (NWCP WOK: 20 September 2016 – 10 October 2016)
Round 1 – Rank #05/29 (Theme: General)

Round 2 – Rank #01/09 (5-theme mix – Horror, Comedy, Crime fiction etc)

Round 3 (Final) – Rank #01/04 (Create a Character Universe)

….will soon share the stories.

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*) – Comics Memories Podcast Series and Kavya Comics Series won Bronze Position (Best Fan work of the year) and Silver Position (Best Webcomic) respectively in Poll based 4th Annual Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2016 #ICF_2016.