Stories on KUKU FM #zahan

Talented Kuku FM team is regularly creating audio stories, audio books on my stories and poems since July this year (Total 9 till date). 🤖 🥳
Kuku FM वेबसाइट और ऐप्लिकेशन पर सुनिए कई जॉनर में मेरी कहानियाँ और काव्य।
Dushman Mehmaan
Diljala Kutta
‘Aids Peedit Vampire’ now on Kuku FM. More audio stories soon.

Musical trip down memory lane (Audio Clips)

16864471_10155048229442210_9042635471382032482_nArtwork – Morgan Prost

3 short audio clips. #childhoodmemories

1) – Dimaag ki Faltu Lyrics (40 Seconds)

2) – 90s Doodh Advertisement Jingle (32 Seconds)

3) – Bollywood Music Just Kidding (54 Seconds)

Also available on Soundcloud, Clyp and Archiver.