Stories on KUKU FM #zahan

Talented Kuku FM team is regularly creating audio stories, audio books on my stories and poems since July this year (Total 9 till date). 🤖 🥳
Kuku FM वेबसाइट और ऐप्लिकेशन पर सुनिए कई जॉनर में मेरी कहानियाँ और काव्य।
Dushman Mehmaan
Diljala Kutta
‘Aids Peedit Vampire’ now on Kuku FM. More audio stories soon.

Something new… #animation #art



Learning about animation one step at a time….



Junction Planet – Issue #03


एक और अच्छा प्रयास! अप्रकाशित पगली सीरीज के विज्ञापन और मेरी कुछ पंक्तियाँ (Page – 73, 74) जंक्शन प्लैनेट मैगज़ीन (कॉमिक्स जंक्शन) के इस अंक में शामिल की गई हैं। आभार!

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#WIP Comic with artist Anubhav Rakesh


WIP #artwork from Horror Comic

Contributor – Junction Planet Magazine


2 contributions – An article on author Anurag Kumar Singh and a joint fan artwork with artist Yash Thakur, colorist Ajay Thapa published in Junction Planet e-zine by Comics Junction group (July 2019 issue).

Junction Planet Magazine - 01

Multiple articles in Junction Planet e-zine April 2019 (CFS)

New Comic Published!

Maut Neeti and Flight 279 in Horror Diaries 3.2 (Fiction Comics)
Cover page
Maut Neeti (Page 1)
Artist – Neeshu Chauhan
Only one tiny issue, these old scripts were in Hinglish and typist (…and editor) converting Hinglish to Devnagri font missed-mixed few spellings. Anyways, one more comic in print. Yay!

Winners of Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2018 #ICFA_2018

Total Winners – 29 (9 Categories)

Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees – 6

Honorable Mentions – 4


Best Blogger-Reviewer

Prabhat Kumar Singh (Gold), Rahul Raj (Silver), Himanshu Khatri (Bronze)


Best Cartoonist 

Sushant Panda (Gold), Husain Zamin (Silver), Samir Narayan (Bronze)


Best Colorist

Aditya Kishore (Gold), Pasang Amrit Lama (Silver), Vibhav Pandey (Bronze)



Best Comics Collector

Prahlad Dubey (Gold), Shalu Gupta (Silver), Gopal Sharma (Bronze)


Best Fanfiction Writer

Hukum Mahendra (Gold), Balbinder Singh (Silver), Talha Faran and Samvart Harshit [Tie] (Bronze)


Best Fan Artist 

Himmat Singh (Gold), Baljinder Singh Korwa (Silver), Dheeraj Anand and Hemant Dhawal [Tie](Bronze)



Best Fan Work (Comic, Video, Music etc)

Apocalypse – FMC (Gold), Toon Tales: Hasgulle (Silver), Sarpvan ka Pishach (Bronze)


Best Webcomic

Green Humour (Gold),  Delicate Desi – Akoodles (Silver), TaccoMacco (Bronze)



Best Cosplay 

Rudra Rajpoot (Gold), Nikhil Verma (Silver), Agam Sharma (Bronze)



Hall of Fame 

Mohan Sharma, Aabid Surti, Bharath Murthy, Shambhu Nath Mahto, Arun Prasad, Akshay Dhar



Honorable Mention

*) – Emerging Publications – Fiction Comics, Comix Theory

*) – Best Community – Indian Comics Universe Fan Club (ICUFC)

*) – Best Magazine – Nanhe Samrat

#Archives Freelance Talents Championship Winners (2013 to 2018)


#Archives Freelance Talents Championship Winners (2013 to 2018)

2013-14: Kapil Chandak
2014-15: Amit Rawat (League 1), Jim Lescher (League 2)
2015-16: Karan Virk and Behnam Balali (Author-Artist Team Championship)
2016-17: Ankit Nigam (Vacant FTC Title awarded to Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2017 – Best Writer)
2017-18: Himanshu Mishra

Total FTC Seasons – 5
Total Winners – 7

Nominate your Favorite: Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2018 #ICFA_2018


Nominations for the Indian Comics Fandom Awards 2018 are now open.

ICFA 2018 Categories

*) – Best Blogger-Reviewer

*) – Best Cartoonist

*) – Best Colorist

*) – Best Comics Collector

*) – Best Fanfiction Writer

*) – Best Fan Artist

*) – Best Fan Work (Comic, Video, Music etc)

*) – Best Webcomic

*) – Best Cosplay

*) – Hall of Fame

ICF Awards 2018 results to be calculated based on previous awards polls, nominations. No category-wise separate polls this year. However, you can still nominate a fan or artist in these categories. Your nomination mail/message equals to one vote. Email nominee’s name, category (maximum 3 category nominations for 1 person) – or inbox us (Indian Comics Fandom), Deadline is 5 PM Sunday, 30 December 2018

#freelance_talents #icfawards #indiancomics #indiancomicsfandom #ICFA_2018 #freelancetalents #comics #art

Oct 2018 Updates #mohit_trendster

Freelance Talents nomination certificate India 5000 Best MSME Award 2018

Event – Sooraj Pocket Books: Baaten, Kitaben, Mulaqaten #2 (30 September 2018)


Google Local Guides Level #06


Event appearance News Dainik Jagran (October 2018) and Dainik Bhaskar (September 2018)





Dawriter Top Writers list


Chess24 stats


Super Cricket Level 10

Interview with Author Ajay Kumar Singh (Part #01)

Interview (Part #02)

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