Ramblings of a Madman Vol. 1 (Book Review)


#Trendster_Approves Ramblings of a Madman Vol. 1 by Siddhant Shekhar
Amazon India Link – https://goo.gl/zm1Ih4

Review on Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2021686435
P.S. Upcoming Book – Wife-beater ka Love letter

Cover Art – Ajitesh Bohra


Siddhant Shekhar’s story collection has been 4 years coming – and is every bit worth the wait. Ramblings of a Madman offers humor, tragedy, raves-rants and interesting human interactions in experimental backdrops in a language that is factual, playful and profound. Author’s experience in science, music, literature and procrastination is a lethal mix to create extraordinary story plots. He reminds me of legend artist-author Mr. Bharat Negi. As a result of variety and vibrancy of these 13 tales, one would be hard-pushed to find an underlying theme…from 1984 anti-sikh pogroms to after death dimensions, from uber AI Robots to Mata Parvati, each of the stories collected here explore the boundaries of imagined realities. In fact, it would be ablative to seek a common subject in a book whose major accomplishments involve the awesomesauce spread of topics, dialogues and characters. This is a truly impressive collection, and will entertain and ‘enlighten’ in equal measure.

Rating – 9/10

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