Freelance Talents Championship 2015-16 Info


Freelance Talents invites entries (stories / poems) for the Qualification round of Freelance Talents Championship 2015-16. Think you have what it takes to challenge world’s top talent? Enter the Qualifiers of 3rd Annual International Freelance Talents Championship for your chance to win gift hampers, cash and get published in Freelance Talents Anthologies.


1. One submission per individual, Submissions should consist of one short story or poem or extract from a longer work up to 1500 words in length.

2. Entries should be original works and should not have won previous awards or contests. Email your story/poem to:

3. 5 Bonus Brownie points for top 10 Authors of FTC 2013 and FTC 2014.

4. Themes – Thriller, Romance

5. Languages – Hindi / English / Hinglish

6. Deadline – 17 September 2015 (11 PM)

*) – Thriller
Thriller fiction is a genre of fiction that uses suspense and tension to dramatically affect the reader. A thriller can provide surprise, anxiety, terror, anticipation, etc., in order to provide a rush of emotions and excitement that progress a story. It should generally be based around the strength of the villain and the protagonist, as well as their struggle against each other. This category might encompass several other genres, including horror, science fiction, and crime.

*) – Romance
Romance fiction can encompass and draw themes, ideas and premises from other genres and can vary widely in setting, dialogue, characters, etc. Generally, however, romance fiction should include a love story involving two individuals struggling to make their relationship work and an emotionally satisfying ending.

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Digital artists, Pencillers and Painters looking to make a splash on the international stage (and win exciting gifts, cash) are invited to register for the Freelance Talents Championship 2015-16.

This year, competition format requires artists and authors to collaborate and create one page artwroks / paintings / pinups based on different round-wise themes given by FTC committee.

Please attach few samples artworks or include link(s) of your online art portfolio. E-mail us the following details: 1) – Name, 2) – Type of artist (Digital, Traditional), 3) – I can color my artworks. (YES / NO), 4) – Experience in years to or, Limited spots! Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Hurry!

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