Mohit Trendster January 2015 Update

Mohit Trendster January 2015 Update

Namastey! 🙂 Off to a good, positive start this year.
*) – Now regular columnist, reporter for Dainik Prabhat daily Newspaper and News First Regional Channel (Meerut, Uttar Pradesh)
*) – Freelance Talents Invitational Writers-Poets Face off Event successfully completed, Mr. Amit Rawat won the event.
*) – Creation and registration of a community for authors – Writers Den.
*) – Special Audio Magazine Indian Comics Fandom (Vol. 8)
*) – Audiobook version of “Desi-Pun!” (2011) and “The Aryanist Journal # 02”(2014) released, zamzar robotic voice.
*) – Social Message Comic Stip on Blood Donation (used by few NGOs and Hospitals)

Khap Tau says “Donate Blood !!”

*) – Randomiya Webcomic with Soumendra Majumder, Manabendra Majumder Starts….. 🙂 #Randomiya…..
*) – Special Story – “Asli waala Love” Roobaru Duniya (February 2014)
*) – More podcasts, recordings, audio stories and short films very soon.

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