A New Approach to Microfinance Biogas in India

My 4th ebook. First Non-fiction work. 

This Power-Point presentation (now text) is part of my Marketing project “Potential, Feasibility & Microfinance of Biogas : Rural India”. My MBA (Energy Trading), University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, group members (Abhishek Ray, Vanya Narain, Vivek Chaudhary) covered various other aspects related to Biogas which are not included in this book. Focus is on innovative use of Microfinance to increase the feasibility of Biogas in India. Which is such an old concept & yet not applied with success in India.

This project is based on my observations on our 2 surveys (First on 18 Families & second on 136 families in Dehradun City). To entertain you I will start with two Print-‘Multimedia’ Ads (Biogas AKA Gobar Gas) which I ‘performed’ after the presentation.

Book Link –

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Also available on Myebook.com



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